The power of a conscious athlete

Open Your Mind and Heart to Maximize Performance

In The Power of a Conscious Athlete, Cindy Deugo reveals the life-altering power of conscious awareness. We often live day-to-day on auto-pilot, unmindful of what really drives us and unaware of the false, limiting beliefs that hold us back. An accomplished athlete in canoe and flatwater kayak, she has also completed the Ironman four times along with countless triathlons, marathons, and road races. She shares her inspiring story of learning to look inward, exploring the hidden fears and emotional pain beneath the surface, and changing her thoughts and beliefs. Connecting to a deeper level of consciousness can transform you as an athlete and human being, improve your performance, and unleash your true power and potential. 

There is something about engaging in competition, not only with others but deep within ourselves that can either hold us back or empower and transform us. Most of us never make a change in our lives until it’s too painful not to change. When you don’t force change but intentionally choose it, you redefine possibility. As your awareness deliberately increases, your mind, heart and soul will expand into new territory, new possibilities, and a new way of being. 

Deugo guides you through Five Steps to Consciousness to become better in your sport than you ever thought possible, become more intentional, aligned and balanced in all aspects of your life, and discover your purpose, passion, and meaning. She lays out the tools to help you observe and shift your patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion just as you would observe your patterns of movement in sport. 

Changing your thoughts and emotions changes your life, and changes your world! Wake up. Train intentionally. Find flow. Use the power of consciousness to deliberately enhance your performance and your life. 



Praise for The Power of a Conscious Athlete

Cindy’s life’s work has been the search for excellence and balance using sport as a vehicle to fully realize one’s dreams. She has helped thousands of people to navigate their way through life’s challenges and face roadblocks with her gentle hand and positive perspective. Never pushing, but guiding with approaches gleaned from a lifetime of study and a genuine passion for helping people. Whether you are an elite athlete looking for an edge or someone searching for a way to enrich your life, this book can help you.

—Sue Holloway

Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Olympian, Cross Country Skiing and Sprint Kayak, 1979, 1980, Motivational Speaker

“It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Cindy embodies these words. Cindy’s knowledge, approach, and presence have truly impacted my life. Cindy’s depth is well beyond her coaching and training. The knowledge and insights Cindy has shared with me over the years are now captured in this book. Her coaching not only allowed me to complete five Ironman races (with the desire to do more), but more importantly, helped me understand the true
meaning of, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” On the surface, this book is about training for endurance sports, but if you read it carefully and reflect, you will find it is deeper than that.

—Growson Edwards

Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, and Athlete

I have known Cindy my whole life as she is one of my mom’s best friends and past coach. She is someone I lean on when my heart and soul need someone to talk things out with. Cindy leads with her whole heart and fills any room she walks into with love. This book is crucial for the athlete, but more importantly, for the human behind the athlete, to achieve deep success.

—Maddy Schmidt

Canadian Olympic Canoe-Sprint Kayak Team Member, 2020

For athletes interested in achieving peak performance, The Power of a Conscious Athlete is the book for you. Author Cindy Deugo focuses on setting intention and leveraging the mind and body harmoniously to achieve at the highest level one can imagine. As the coach of my son’s high school crew team, I was able to witness Cindy Deugo teach each student athlete how to maximize their performance in a 100 percent positive atmosphere. She has the ability to translate to anyone how world-class athletes achieve greatness in sport. The tips, lessons, stories, and up-to-date sports science in this book are priceless. I highly recommend The Power of a Conscious Athlete to anyone who is interested in optimizing their performance in sport and in life.

—Jonathan Perrelli

Seven-Time Entrepreneur Turned Venture Capitalist

I met Cindy amongst the paddling community and we connected instantly. Both on and off the water, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about career, sport, and the interactions with people in our lives. Cindy has a positive and supportive approach while challenging you to meet your goals with an open mind toward what is possible. This book shares a number of thoughtful concepts to explore with relevant examples that will resonate with so many. I felt encouraged to give myself the room to think and grow in new ways. Enjoy the read!

—Jane Labreche, PhD

Exercise Physiologist

I seek those who hold sacred the inner journey. For it is they who inspire me to search within, to free myself from the self-inflicted judgements that limit my growth, and at the same time, encourage me to open my heart with kindness towards myself. With all the gifts Cindy possesses––accomplished athlete, expert personal trainer and coach, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher––I believe her most remarkable gift is her ability to accept people for who they are, meet them in the sacred space of possibility, and inspire them to cultivate the strength, stamina, and conviction to reach their performance and life goals. I highly recommend her book for anyone seeking a conscious, holistic path for becoming their personal best.

—Dr. Suzanne Nixon, PhD

Integrative Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Student, Colleague, Friend

As a professional hockey skating coach for the past 30 years, my clients include Olympians, NHL players, and thousands of college and youth players. In 2008, long before hockey players were doing yoga, I hired Cindy Deugo to create and teach “Hockey Yoga” to AAA and NCAA skaters at a summer speed camp. The players finished the week inspired by Cindy to look inside themselves to harness the power of their minds to get the most from their bodies, and “Hockey Yoga” became a permanent, and enormously popular, part of our curriculum. She is an elite multi-sport athlete that has trained, conditioned, and taught athletes of all types and a wide range of abilities. She has amassed a vast understanding of human kinetics and mental motivation and has developed an exceedingly rare coaching skill set. She is a world class expert in sports performance coaching with the tools to target the specific needs of athletes in their individual sport and guide them to the peak of their physical and mental capabilities.

—Wendy Marco

Owner of ColdRush Hockey and the Washington Capitals Skating Coach

Cindy Deugo and I met on the Rideau River by Mooney’s Bay, Ottawa, and it was an instant connection. We were both passionate about paddling in sprint kayak and became dear, precious friends through all our hours on the water together. When she moved away, she continued to define her way in athletics and training, working with others to help them believe in their own journey to become better athletes, finding the essence of who they are and developing that mind-body connection, which is so very important in pursuing an athletic career. The Power of a Conscious Athlete awakens the power they have within to attain better performances than they ever thought possible! This book is one every athlete needs to read to have more effective accomplishments.

—Marjorie Homer-Dixon

Olympic Kayak Paddler, 1968 (Mexico), 1972 (Munich), 1985 (World Masters)

To be a member of Cindy’s world is to experience the passion and dedication with which she engages and performs her role in the appreciation of coaching and training principles. With a practice that features a personal “hands-on” approach to each individual, group, or team activity, she has acquired a broadly based collection of successfully applied concepts. Those proven concepts support the development and preparation of subsequent performance plans. The success of this process utilizing this data initiated the response that has resulted in the publication of her book. The book explores how individual performance parameters might be combined with conscious principles to achieve improved performance.

—Lowell Miller, PhD.

Chemical Engineer, US Department of Energy

I needed help but had been unsuccessful finding someone with the skills needed to support an aging, undisciplined 62-year-old with long-standing injuries from life’s adventures. After hearing her name several times, I met Cindy by chance at an informal gathering. I consider it the luckiest day of my life. Cindy meets you (your mind, body, and spirit) where you are. You learn quickly that making excuses or talking yourself out of doing something doesn’t work, because she has the skills, depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to adjust her guidance to help you keep going and meet your goals. Sometimes my goal is simply to relieve pain and stay mobile and I feel like I get the same consideration and commitment as a star athlete. Whether you can work with Cindy one-on-one, in a workshop, or through her book, you will be better off for it!

—Joan Schultz

World Bank Regional Manager Administration East Africa



Cindy Deugo began her athletic journey as a young adult. She was a canoe and flatwater kayak paddler who found triathlon in its early days. She attended The University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, and McArthur College, earning degrees in Exercise Physiology, Psychology, and Education. She has over 40 years of continued education and service to athletes as an educator, instructor and a coach. She considers herself a midwife to the human spirit, helping people birth things they don’t even know exist inside of them, through the vehicle of sport.