Discover the strength within...

The Conscious Athlete is a training program for athletes of all ages who are inspired to take their training to new levels.

The program is designed to bring awareness to movement and thought patterns.  Through focus and understanding what obstacles are in your way to becoming a better athlete, you will fine tune your goals and realize your potential.  

There are Cycle Strong classes that combine technique and HR training along with strength work off the bike specific to the sport.  

Cycle Flexibility classes will work bike skills and flexibility specific to cyclists and triathletes. 

Fancy Stretching will work on balancing out the body and improving range of motion and strength in both the upper and lower body.  

There are seasonal Brick classes for triathletes looking to improve their fitness over the winter.  Classes will be based on HR and power. 
Bring your own bike, trainers will be provided, and be prepared to run outdoors on the W&OD trail.